About us

The Union of Psychologists‘ Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA CR) was formed as a professional union of legal entities – individual psychological associations within the Czech Republic and the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society in 1995.

The aim of the Union is

  • to represent and defend the interests of psychologists within the individual associations
  • to coordinate the activities of psychologists  within the individual associations according to their respective psychological specialisations,
  • to work towards the legal establishment of a psychological chamber,
  • to protect the public from the damage that can be caused by unqualified or incompetent individuals or organisations in the field of practical psychological work.


The mission of the Union is also to provide open space  and opportunities for communication within the psychological community. The main priority of the Union is the promotion of a legislature regarding psychological practice and psychological chamber.


The Statutes of the Union are valid since 18.2. 2021 can be downloaded here.

UPA CR subscribes to the  Ethical codex of psychological profession, which can be found on the website of Czech-Moravian Psychological Society  and which is also based on the Meta-Code of Ethics EFPA.